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Powdercoated Steel Fence and Gate Posts – SHS Posts

From: $44.00

50×50/65×65/75×75/100x100mmx2400mm square powdercoated pregalvanised steel square tube fence and gate posts. Usual stocked colours: white, classic cream, nightsky, deep ocean, anotec dark grey, surfmist, harvest, dune, monument. Usual stocked sizes: 50x50mm and 65x65mmx2400mm posts. Caps sold separately.

Posts are as standard sold with stitch seam at 400mm (the part you would usually install into the ground as a buried fence or gate post). Please indicate if clean post required. Find product variations and codes on the Product Variations Page. If ordering in bulk please check warehouse quantities before ordering and discounts offered.

Find your post in the Product Variations tab below.


Pregalvanised steel



Weight per post:

50x50x1.6mm 7kg

65x65x2mm 10kg

65x65x2.5mm 12kg

75x75x3mm 16.8kg

100x100x2mm 17kg

100x100x3mm 23kg

100x100x5mm 35kg


Custom cutting extra. Min $10+ gst

SHS501624PCPW | SHS65224PCPW | SHS501624PCCC | SHS65224PCCC | SHS501624PCBN | SHS65224PCBN | SHS501624PCDO | SHS65224PCDO | SHS501624PCADG | SHS65224PCADG | SHS501624PCSM | SHS65224PCSM | SHS501624PCHV | SHS65224PCHV | SHS501624PCDN | SHS65224PCDN | SHS501624PCMM | SHS65224PCMM | SHS75324PCBN | SHS100224PCBN | SHS100324PCBN | SHS100524PCBN |

2400mm lengths of pregalvanised square steel tube in standard colorbond colours available in stock items as below. Please ring and check before ordering to ensure we have your quantity, colour and length in stock for any pick ups.


Anotec Dark Grey 50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCADG

Anotec Dark Grey 65x65x2mmx2400mm length SHS65224PCADG

Black nightsky 50x50x1.6mmx1800mm length SHS501618PCBN

Black nightsky 50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCBN

Black nightsky 65x65x2mmx2400mm length SHS65224PCBN

Classic cream 50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCCC

Classic cream 65x65x2mmx2400mm length SHS65224PCCC

Deep Ocean 50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCDO

Deep Ocean 65x65x2mmx2400mm length SHS65224PCDO

Dune 50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCDN

Dune 65x65x2mmx2400mm length SHS65224PCDN

Harvest 50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCHV

Harvest 65x65x2mmx2400mm length SHS65224PCHV

Ironstone  50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCIRON

Monument 50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCMM

Monument 65x65x2mmx2400mm length SHS65224PCMM

Pearl white 50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCPW

Pearl White 65x65x2mmx2400mm length SHS65224PCPW

Surfmist 50x50x1.6mmx2400mm length SHS501624PCSM

Surfmist 65x65x2mmx2400mm length SHS65224PCSM


Other post sizes powdercoated to order and subject to 7-10 days turnaround, including:

Black nightsky 75x75x3mmx2400mm SHS75324PCBN

Black nightsky 100x100x2mmx2400mm SHS100224PCBN

Black nightsky 100x100x3mmx2400mm SHS100324PCBN

Black nightsky 100x100x5mmx2400mm SHS100524PCBN


Custom cutting extra. Min $15+ gst


Estimated delivery costs are calculated at checkout and are subject to below.

Pick-Up and Courier options are available from our Beckenham (WA) shop.

Please call 08 9258 6822 or Ask A Question Online for more information.

Standard Delivery Times:

Perth Metro: 2-4 Working Days.

Rest of WA:  3-7 Working Days.

Outside of WA:  7-10 Working Days.

All estimated shipping times are based on standard road transport delivery and is subject to current shipping conditions.

Standard satchel delivery is via Australia Post, up to 5kg (exceptions will occur where product orders cannot fit into a 5KG/Large Australia Post satchel) and is subject to their current shipping conditions.

Non standard shipping is via a GFHW nominated transport supplier and is subject to their current shipping conditions.

Any courier offered is via a GFHW nominated transport supplier and is subject to their current shipping conditions.

All shipping includes picking and packing charges.

Non standard shipping: Orders without shipping costs will be calculated by the GFHW Team. Please call 08 9258 6822 or Ask A Question Online for confirmation prior to placing an order.

Variations: The office will contact you if there is an obvious mistake in the shipping calculated or in any part of your order. Payment will be required before any products are released or a refund offered, with our sincere apologies for any discrepancy.

Powdercoated Steel Fence and Gate Posts – SHS Posts Australia

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Powdercoated Steel Fence and Gate Posts – SHS Posts

From: $44.00