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King Gates KPD ABC DigyPad Wireless Battery Operated Key Pad

$336.60 inc GST.

Digy Pad is KING Gates’s new numeric radio keyboard, that allows you to control up to 3 automations with its safe rolling code technology. Suits solar powered automation as the keypad uses trickle power for back lighting and battery operation allows continuous use.


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1)      Allows keyless entry and exit, by punching a secured combination code of numbers.

2)     Up to 3 different codes A, B, C, codes can be from 1 to 8 numbers

3)     Suitable for opening King Gates equipment. For other brands, a receiver is required

4)     Designed to be installed within 20-30 Meters. Max range 50 Meters from the equipment (gate, garage door, etc)

5)     No wiring required. The unit is wireless, and battery powered.

6)     For flat vertical surface installation to wall, posts etc.

7)     Weatherproof for outdoor and indoor installations – IP54

8)     Battery to last about 24 months (with 10 operations per day).

9)     Battery is easy to replace by the user 

10)   Back light – the pads light up with the first press of a button


Application Open an electric operated gate
Kit contains/box contents Keypad, fixings, instructions
Material and coating/colour Aluminium casing
Powered Supply Battery operated- no wires
Protection rating IP54
Effective distance 20-30Meters. Max range 50 Meters from the equipment (gate, Garage door, etc.)
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Measurements of item 80x100x35mm
Weight of boxed item 450g
Dimensions of boxed item ready to post 100x120x80mm
Country of manufacture Italy
Warranty 12 months



How to use the unit

1)           Key-in your security code followed by the Letters A, or B, or C.

2)           6 seconds allowed between each press of a button.

3)           Beep confirmation will be heard – see the table below.






1 short beep

Confirms a key press.  

1 long beep

More than seconds, try again form the beginning.  

3 long beeps

  • For   code programing – Code have been successfully changed




  • With regular use – Battery low -replace the battery, you will hear the beeps with   the new battery stalled correctly



5 short beeps

• something went wrong, try again






Series of beeps ove2 secindicates that the batteries are exhausted


anmust be replaced  















This unit does not require any special maintenanceCheck it occasionally for spiderwebs, dust. wipe and clean wet cloth

Disposing of Battery

Dischargebattery contain pollutant substances and therefore musbe recycle.
Dispose battery at waste disposal, Battery World shop, or similar.

Technical Specifications

All technicaspecifications stated herein refer to an ambient temperature o20° C (± 5° C)


This product is an integral part of the automation and must therefore be scrapped together with it, in the same way as indicated in the automation’s instruction manual.

Replacing the battery (see figure on net page)

1)           Replace the battery every about 12 month, or when it dead. Please recycle the battery

2)           Remove the two screws at the bottom of the unit – Fig. A

3)           Extract out the buttons plastic part form the metal case – Fig. B

4)           Unscrew the battery covewith a coin and replace the battery

5)           Pay attention to the battery cover seal

6)           The positive poles (+) is facing you -Fig. 6

7)           Put new battery and close back the battery cover, screw with the coin- Fig.6

8)           Fit the plastic button unit back to the metal case – Fig. 7

9)           Screw the two bottom screws -Fig.8

Programing new security codes


Losing a code, or mistake with the codes, will totally damage the unit.

The manufacture and Allegro warranty does not cover for loose, or mistakes with codes.

Read and follow the instructions. If you are not sure, ask a technician to do it for you.

Claim of incorrect factory default codes will not be covered by warranty

Check the default codes before doing the programing, read this instruction manual fully and make sure that you understand it.

. Factory Default codes

This unit has up to 3 different opening codes. For the first time, use the factory default codes of the unit. The 3 codes, one for each of the letters. are:

  • 11 for letter A
  • 22 for letter B
  • 33 for letter C

It is best to try to change Code C first

  1. New coding procedure

1)     Choose a letter for your new security code

2)     Codes are usually 4 digits. optional 1 to 8 digits.

3)     You have 6 seconds between each press, if 6 seconds pass, you will start this procedure form the beginning

4)     Press and hold the “0” digit.

5)     While holding the “0” digit – press the letter you choose A or B or C and release it

6)     Release the “0” button

7)     Enter the old code linked to the letter

8)     Press the letter again

9)     Key-in the new code

10)  Press the letter

11)  Key-in the code again to verify

12)  Press the letter again

Example linking the code 2018 to the letter “C”

1)     Press and hold the zero (0) button

2)     While holding the (0) in one hand; Press and release the (C) with the other hand

3)     Release the “0” button

4)     Enter the code that is opening / activating your equipment. for new units use the default code – 3, 3,

5)     Press the letter (C)

6)     Enter the new code (1,2,3,4)

7)     Press (C) again

8)     Re-Enter the new code again (1,2,3,4)

9)     End of procedure

Pairing the keypad to the system control unit / receiver

1)     Do this procedure before installing the unit

2)     Make sure to have codes already programed to the letters or minimum one code

3)     At the control unit / motor / receiver- press the button to allow programming

4)     Do a code (or codes for the letters A,B,C,

5)     Push the button on the equipment or wait 10 seconds

Installation of the unit

1)     Before installation check reception form the desired installation location

2)     Choose a flat surface for installation, chose the right high tot be comfort for adult and or children users

3)     Extract out the button plastic part form the metal case – Fig. 2

4)     Punch holes in the metal case for the screws to fit it to the wall/ post

5)     Fit the metal case of the unit to the wall / post with screws – Fig. 5

6)     Put the rectangle black rubber par to its place – Fig. 4

7)     Install the unit in the correct directions so the numbers and letters are facing up correctly- Fig. 5

8)     Fit the buttons part back to the case of the unit – Fig. 7

9)     Screw in the two screws at the bottom – Fig. 8


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King Gates KPD ABC DigyPad Wireless Battery Operated Key Pad

$336.60 inc GST.

2 in stock (can be backordered)