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Key Automation 900SUB44R Black SUB Remote Control

From: $87.12$65.34

Smooth elegant shaped remote control to suit Rodman and Key Gate Automation, recessed tactile buttons, water resistant and superbly finished. Black or white supplied standard, other colours are order in subject to availability.

Use to operate other devices, such as garage doors and entrance lights when connected to a receiver (sold separately).

Check with your installer and system specifications for compatibility if you are matching this product with older systems.

Water resistant

Comes in 8 colours as per photo (please indicate colour preference on order)

Use with any motor if you add a universal receiver such as the DEA universal receiver.

Supply (tipe CR2032) : litio battery 3V
Frequency: 433,92MHz
Protection degrees : IP 67
Transmission consumption: 8

Standard supply colour :

Black and white

Boxed item measurements:


Boxed item weight :


If SUB’s do not sync easily, remove the motor control board cover and press the red receiver button once. When it flashes, sync it to the new remote by pressing the remote control button. Repeat this process for each remote control.

AAC-SUB-C 900SUB44R black remote control (standard stocked item)

900SUB44WRD white remote control (standard stocked item)

Other colours are order in items

900SUB44DRD grey remote control END OF RUN ITEM. ORDER IN ONLY ITEM.


SUB remote instruction manual 580issub8_rev.03

Programme your remote control:

Before memorizing the transmitter with the radio-receiver controlling the gate automation,
please verify its correct functioning by pushing any button and checking if LED light appear
from central position. The LED light should appear clearly and stably during the code
transmission. If out of battery the transmitter should have as a consequence lower signal
range and flashing LED light during transmission. In this case, it is necessary to replace the
battery with an equivalent one by paying attention to respect the correct battery polarity as in
the picture. For completing the memorization of the transmitter please look at the instructions
of the radio receiver. The SUB transmitter is compatible with all Key Automation rolling code
receivers. For further information about this product and its compatibility with other
radio-receivers please refer to the instructions present on website
Transfer of certificates between XR rolling code series transmitters:
This procedure allows the user to memorise a new transmitter without necessarily being in the
vicinity of the receiver in which it is to be memorised. The procedure requires a new rolling code
transmitter with integrated receiver (e.g. SUB44WF or SUB44F, also identified by the amber LED)
and a rolling code transmitter already memorised in the receiver (e.g. SUB44WF, SUB44F with
amber LED, SUB-44WR, SUB-44R, SUB-44WRT with blue LED and TXB-42R with red LED).
WARNING: the system must include an XR rolling code family receiver (e.g. RX4X, RX4U, RXM23X,
also identified by the green LED).

1. Place the two transmitters about 5 cm apart
2. Press buttons 1 and 2 on the new transmitter and hold them down until the LED starts
to flash
3. Release the buttons. You now have 8 sec. for transmission with the transmitter to be copied
4. Press a button of the transmitter already saved and hold it down until the LED on the new
transmitter remains constantly on for 3 seconds
5. Release the button of the transmitter already memorised
6. The new transmitter will be able to transmit the certificate received and thus be recognised and
saved by the receiver for the first 15 transmissions

There is a chance of explosion for the transmitter to be considered if the original battery is
replaced with a not-equivalent one. Battery contains dangerous elements and it can’t be thrown
away in the common waste. It has to be specifically recycled according to current and local
regulations in charge in your country


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Key Automation 900SUB44R Black SUB Remote Control

From: $87.12$65.34