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Gate Automation and Electric Locking

At Gate & Fence Hardware, we specialise in providing a comprehensive selection of gate automation and electric locking solutions for your residential and commercial needs. From cutting-edge gate openers and electric locks to robust gate motors designed to enhance security and ease of entry, we have everything you need to ensure you have access control to your property. Our products aren’t just about functionality; they also represent some of the finest brands in the industry, designed to match the aesthetics of your property, including Centsys, DEA, BFT, FAAC, Key Automation.

Our commitment to delivering a customer experience sets us apart and goes beyond just transactions. Whether you’re looking to install an automatic gate opener or electric lock for the first time or seeking to upgrade your existing gate opener, get in touch with our friendly staff. With extensive knowledge and a passion for assisting you in finding the right solution, our experts ensure that you make informed decisions.

Gate & Fence Hardware have an extensive range of brands and products, including the best European and South African brands as well as emerging Australian brands. No matter where you’re located, you can trust us to bring quality, convenience, and security to your doorstep. With Gate & Fence Hardware, seamless entry and advanced access control are just a click away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Gate automation is the operation of your gate with solar, battery or electrical power. It involves adding particular hardware to the gate to allow it to open automatically. For example the installation of a mortice lock and strike into a pedestrian gate which can be opened with a remote control, intercom or press button, or a controller and arm on a driveway swing gate to allow vehicle access.

If your gate has been manufactured with automation in mind, then yes. If it needs modification, an individual assessment is required to ensure the posts, hinges and gate frame will manage the power, geometry and accessories required for automation. Otherwise we would recommend replacing the gates to suit the system.

Gate automation, when properly installed and maintained, is definitely set up to be safe by a qualified electrician and or gate technician with experience at installing to manufacturers, industry and National standards. Many automatic gate systems come with safety features such as obstacle detection and emergency stop functions. If you have any technical questions, our friendly staff are on hand through our contact page to ensure the safety of your gate motors and related components.

Maintaining an automated gate involves regular inspection of the gate hardware. This may include cleaning, lubricating moving parts, checking for wear and tear, and ensuring that safety features are functioning properly and the system is reset from time to time. Checking for pests is another big concern for gate maintenance, as rats and ants in particular are known to interfere with the functionality of your gate motor.

Here at Gate & Fence Hardware, we recommend maintenance by a qualified technician as per the manufacturer’s recommendation to keep on top of this.