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About Gate & Fence Hardware WA

Some Facts About Gate & Fence Hardware WA

  1. Gate and Fence Hardware WA is locally owned and operated by a family
  2. The Family has been in the building industry in Western Australia since the 1940’s.
  3. The growing call from the public to Do It Yourself and engage the local handyman encouraged us to use our knowledge and connections more wisely by setting up for you to access and use easily.

What You Can Expect

  1. A range of quality products are available and stocked ready for you to purchase
  2. The ability to source unusual requests hastily or sound alternatives suggested
  3. We know the industry well so our advice and the products we sell are solid and our pricing is honest.
  4. You can be sure of compliance with Australian standards and support for manufacturers warranties.
  5. Our regular tradies and home handymen use us because we have everything from gates and fences, to hardware and fittings, loose steel and aluminium, odd requests and hard to find components.
  6. We are open after hours if asked nicely and will deliver quick
  7. We know our stuff
  8. We will work to varying budgets

Penny & Rod

  • You will likely find Rod buzzing around 6 days a week just because he loves working in the workshop. So if you are in need of anything hardware related, just ring the mobile 0407 383 094 anytime. If he doesn’t answer its likely he is taking a quick break for a cuppa and will get back to you soon.
  • Business Owner Penny TannerHoath 0408 921 832, has been playing soccer almost as long as the family’s business ventures have been operating. With over 30 years at all levels, including playing for Australia and a career in community broadcasting. Don’t get her started talking soccer unless you have time to sit down for a cup of tea!