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Battery back up for MHouse gate motors (AAC-PR1)

Battery back up for MHouse gate motors (AAC-PR1)

$227.70 inc GST.

A backup power supply in case of a power failure at your gate. Continues to operate the gate up to 10 open and close operations even if the local power is down or a fuse is blown.

Sits hidden inside the motor or with the control board.


Installing¬†accessories like¬†keypads and photocells using ECSbus is super easy. ECSbus technology allows¬†devices to be connected using a single ‚Äúbus‚ÄĚ cable using colour-coded¬†connectors (each accessory has its own colour). Just plug it in and away you go.

Voltage :


Dimensions :

104mm wide x 53mm high x 143 mm long

Weight :


Current delivered:

Rated 4A; 7.5A for 3 seconds, starting current

Storage capacity:

1.2Ah (Amps/hour), corresponding to an autonomy of approximately 12 hours with the automation system in stand-by mode; or 5 minutes with a load of 4A corresponding to an average of at least 10 manoeuvres

Complete recharge time:

Approximately 16 hours

Storage battery life:

Estimated at 4 √∑ 6 years; or, over 1000 cycles for 30% discharge depth, over 500 cycles for 50% discharge, over 200 cycles for 100% discharge.

Compatible with:

All Mhouse motors, except WS200S (see WS200S Back-Up Battery)


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$227.70 inc GST.